Atlas Map Documentation

A comprehensive guide on creating maps and game modes for Atlas.

Specification Version History
Track all the changes that have happened with each specification update.


  • ADDED: Kit Check
  • BREAKING: Kit IDS are now required.


  • ADDED: TNT Customization
  • DEPRECATED: Chat Channels
  • CHANGE: Objective repair rules are now ignored by default.


  • ADDED: Disable Stats
  • ADDED: Entity
  • REMOVED: Chat Channels
  • CHANGE: Auto-respawn is automatically enabled on elimination maps to prevent players from prolonging the match


  • ADDED: Elimination Check
  • ADDED: Ender Chests
  • ADDED: Executor Triggers
  • ADDED: Explosion Check
  • ADDED: Fake GUIs
  • ADDED: Participating Check
  • ADDED: Randomizer
  • ADDED: Spectating Check
  • ADDED: Stored Enchantments
  • ADDED: Vehicle
  • ADDED: Void Check
  • CHANGE: Item effects now must be wrapped in corresponding sub-tags.
  • CHANGE: Item enchantments now must be wrapped in corresponding sub-tags.
  • CHANGE: Void regions now have configurable min/max/ignored-blocks


  • BREAKING: Walls are no longer objectives and are now their own module.
  • CHANGE: Elimination is now enabled by walls.
  • CHANGE: Objectives are now created by the walls module.

1.0.6 LATEST

  • BREAKING: Rectangles now require min/max values.
  • CHANGE: All vectors now support decimals.