Atlas Map Documentation

A comprehensive guide on creating maps and game modes for Atlas.

What is Atlas?

Atlas Game Manager is a Minecraft server modification for Spigot that powers multiplayer, objective-based game modes within Minecraft. Much like the Forge game mode of the popular video game franchise, Halo, one can create their own game modes through modifying the actual layout and design of the world, spawn points, team colors, game rules, weapons, tools, objectives and more. Though unlike in Halo Forge, Minecraft is designed around building and design, which enables Atlas map developers to create completely unique maps not based around a pre-existing map. Atlas is also an ever-evolving platform that is driven by the community and the developers behind it.

How can I use this website?

This website documents how to create your own maps for the Atlas plugin. Each map has two components:

  1. Minecraft world containing level.dat and the regions folder.
  2. The XML map configuration file, map.xml . This defines the elements of the map such as spawn points, team colors, names, and more.

This website primarily focuses on the latter, but a tutorial and guidelines for creating an Atlas map world can be found too. We also do not provide instruction on how extensible markup language (XML) files are written, instead you can look here for a basic introduction. We recommend you use your favorite application that helps you to write XML files. The following programs work on most operating systems and help to spot errors and inconsistencies in the code you write:

Atom Free & open-source, by Github.
Sublime Text $70, free download for evaluation of the product.
Lime Text Free & open-source,
Brackets Free & open-source, by Adobe.