Atlas Map Documentation

A comprehensive guide on creating maps and game modes for Atlas.


This module is used to customize where a player's compass points based on various conditions.

If multiple compasses are defined, checks will be used to determine which target is assigned to each player.


  <!-- Sets compass to nearest player who has gold. -->
  <!-- If no players have gold the compass will point to the location. -->
  <compass target="enemy" check="has-gold" />
  <compass target="1,1,1" />

  <carrying id="has-gold" material="gold ingot" />

Compass Attributes

The targeting mode/point of the compass.

If 'enemy' is supplied, the compass will point to the closest enemy

If not, the compass will point to the provided x,y,z coordinate.

Compass Target/Point

Check that should be ran when deciding which compass target to choose for each player..

This can either be in ID form, or as a nested XML tag in the syntax of a check.