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The results module can be used to determine how and when a match should end, and how the winner should be decided.

End Scenarios

Scenarios are what course Atlas will take to determine a winner of a match. There are currently only 2 supported scenario results.

<!-- Red will win 50% of the time the check is performed. (Check is performed 20 times a second) -->

<win scenario="team" team="red">
  <sometimes />

Scenario Types
objectivesThe objectives result type will choose the winner based on which team has the most objectives. This can also result in a match tie.
teamThe team result type will reward the win to the team specified.

Win Element<win>

The win element is used to specify when and how a competitor should win the match.

  <!-- Match will end with the team who has the most objectives after 11 minutes. -->
  <win scenario="objectives">

Win Element Attributes

The scenario that should be executed if the check passes.

End Scenario


Check that should be ran in order for the result to execute.

This can either be in ID form, or as a nested XML tag in the syntax of a check.


This attribute determines how many win places will be displayed and how many places of winners will receive some type of reward. This only works with the objectives result type and it is possible for multiple teams to score in the same place.

Number (Without Decimal)1