Atlas Map Documentation

A comprehensive guide on creating maps and game modes for Atlas.

Schematic Loading/Creation<structures>

This module is used to load schematic files for use with the paste-schematic executor.


These represent either schematic files or regions which can be used later on as objects to be pasted in to the match world.

  <!-- Looks for schematic at MAP_FOLDER/schematics/fun_town.schematic -->
  <schematic id="fun-town" type="file" source="fun_town" />
  <schematic id="lazy-town" type="region" source="a-region-id" />

Schematic Attributes

The type of structure loading method that should be used for this schematic.

Structure Type

file - Should be loaded from a file,
region - Should be loaded from the match world based on a region

The globally unique ID of this feature.

This can be used to reference this feature from other parts of the XML.

Feature ID
source (Files)

The name of the schematic file to be loaded.

Schematics should be placed in the schematics folder of the map folder.

The source should not include the .schematic extension.

source (Regions)

The region which the blocks should be copied from.

The copy is made directly after the match is loaded.

It should be noted that the original blocks are not cleared from the world after loading.

This can either be in ID form, or as a nested XML tag in the syntax of a region.