Atlas Map Documentation

A comprehensive guide on creating maps and game modes for Atlas.


Localization is a requirement for all maps to accepted, we ask that you DO NOT simply google translate the localizations and if you need assistance translating your messages, to ask the translation team.

Localizations are defined inside of this tag and can be as deeply nested as need be.

Each new nesting is denoted by a . when referencing the locale in other parts of the XML.

Locale Entry<locale>

This represents a single localized string.

  <locale lang="en">
      <build-north>You cannot build in the North.</build-north>
  <locale lang="es">
      <build-north>No puedes construir en el norte.</build-north>

<!-- then you can do -->

  <zone build="never" region="the-north">

Locale Entry Attributes

The identifier for the language.

Possible Values

The country of the translated text (For example, to use Canadian English, you would define the lang as en and the country as ca).

Possible Values